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Sometimes I forget there are people in “real life” who don’t know I’m bisexual, and that randomly just saying you find another lady attractive isn’t acceptable like it is on Tumblr… like, people expect me to ~come out~ to them before talking about my lady crushes but I just don’t. I’m more likely to just be like “Jared Leto’s gorgeous. And Lara Pulver is beautiful, too.”

I just mention how much I love all these women and people just assume I like them in a general heterosexual way, although I think my dad caught on slightly when I held up the Silent Witness dvd with Emilia Fox on it and said “she’s definitely mine” when we were arguing about dvd ownership

My mum said “I never know what you mean by that anymore” when I commented on someone’s attractiveness, which pleased me to some extent. 

I think my parents know?

But there’s always the “Wait you’re gay!?” moment five minutes after the conversation ended, when something finally clicks in their head, and the “Um… yeah?” is always greeting by BUT YOU NEVER TOLD ME

I don’t want to come out, I mean unless you ask me or we’re very close and I want to have a frank discussion about everything so there’s no secrets, but everyone on Tumblr seems to just accept it and its a shock when its still a big deal to people… even if they’re accepting

Coming out is like, seriously, does it have to be a big thing? If people want stuff explaining that’s fine, and discussions are very interesting if done in the right way, it just shouldn’t be that much of a shock or surprise.

Like it took a few months of me being open about liking girls for my mum to catch on to exactly what I meant one day when we were talking about it, and even then she was surprised when I spelled it out 

Oh my God, this. I’ve never ‘come out’ to anyone. It’s such an awkward way to do things, because when would you sit down and tell someone “I’m bisexual”? When you meet them? “Hi, nice to meet you, my name’s Becca and I’m bisexual.” I think we can all agree that’s a bit weird. But then, once you know someone, to sit them down and ‘come out’ makes a big deal out of something that’s not a big deal.

I just act like me, anyone who asks gets an answer, and frankly anyone who can’t tell has never seen me weeping over a picture of ScarJo or Zooey Deschanel.

I guess it would be like me going “Hi, I’m Annie and I’m an apatheist agnostic!” to everyone I met. Which would be ridiculous, people I meet day-to-day don’t need to hear about my theological opinions, especially when you have to resort to weird modifiers to explain “I don’t believe you can prove or disprove the existence of a higher power so the question is philosophically meaningless.”

Of course, it’s equally awkward when someone asks me what my orientation actually is because “Uh, about a 0.25 on the Kinsey Scale?” is apparently not a valid answer.

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