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#can we just talk about how absolutely perfect mary morstan-watson is? #out of all the people sherlock knows he sent moriarty’s book to her #he had enough faith in her to know that she’d be able to understand what needed to be done and to crack the code #mary morstan isn’t some victorian housewife who twiddles her thumbs and waits for her husband to come home #she managed to captivate and get captain john watson to fall in love with her #she is the one who doesn’t mind stepping toe to toe with sherlock holmes even though she is a lady and it isn’t her place #she is just as strong as irene adler but in a completely different way #and sherlock holmes knows it #sherlock holmes is a smart man- even he can see mary’s brilliance #i wish tumblr could (marymorstan)




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I hate it when people complain about Mary Morstan just because she will “take the gay away” from the  series.

What a ridiculous idea.

You can’t de-gay Sherlock Holmes. It’s impossible. C.f. Gay of Shadows and the Russian version of The Sign of Four, which, being mixed in with Scandal, attempts to provide undisputed proof of both Holmes’ and Watson’s heterosexuality and yet still includes Holmes explaining his plans to Watson in an entirely unnecessarily sensual whisper with their faces literally 4 inches apart.

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