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Hey, remember that time someone thought it would be a good idea to make an animated children’s show about Sherlock Holmes being brought back to life in the future and then impart a robot with the memories of Watson and have them help Detective Lestrade’s great great great (however many greats) grand daughter solve crimes?


Filed under 22ndC i miss the sherlockians we had some laughs remember when someone (me) thought it would be a good idea to rewrite the whole thing better? yeah me neither

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omfg Holmes just got a phone call and he didnt want to answer so he just redirected it straight to Watson

god that droid puts up with so much

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Watching SH22 again and man this show.

A virtual reality fish and chip shop? Like any Londoner would want more than: Fish. Chips. Salt. Vinegar. And can I get one of those little wooden spoons, luv?

Also Holmes and Watson being baffled about modern art is lol.

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So here’s basically my favorite clip from Sherlock Holmes In The 22nd Century So far.

Mostly because…


Help I’m trapped in the 22ndC tag and everything is hilarious.

Filed under 22ndC the doctor is in that's a watson face i dont think you understand my feelings about this show

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SH22 Drinking Game


take a shot drink* every time:

  • holmes anyone says “eyes and brains”
  • watson trips over/gets knocked down by something stupid (take two if it happened right after he did something badass)
  • lestrade sounds constipated way more angry than the situation warrants 
  • someone quotes the original books in a really ham-fisted way
  • holmes says “elementary”
  • watson says “oh my!” or “i say!”
  • lestrade sounds oddly canadian
  • holmes understands tennyson’s 90s-dialup-internet-noise speak for no describable reason
  • anyone mocks lestrade’s driving and/or penchant for causing property damage 
  • lestrade ends a sentence like a question when it’s not at all a question?
  • holmes kicks someone’s ass with his cane
  • the police are referred to as “yardies”
  • finish the bottle when the villain of the week turns out to be moriarty

*changed to protect your liver

Casually bringing this to the attention of the Oxlockians.

The only problem with this is that I have no idea when Lestrade sounds Canadian.

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A productive couple of days! This completes my quintet of Holmeses and Watsons (the rest of which you can see by perusing my ponylock tag). Robowatson was quite satisfying to sculpt and paint; after some dithering I laid down the flat colours first and then added the metallic silver over the top, which worked quite nicely. I’m also tremendously proud of his bowler. By comparison Holmes was both boring and irritating. His hair was particularly obnoxious and took several coats to stop looking unfortunately ginger.

They could both do with touching up in places but I am le tired so that will have to wait for some other time.

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