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Aiya, Tolkien Fans!


I am looking for more followers who love JRR Tolkien’s works. I don’t mean the movies - I’m not looking for people to gush over Peter Jackson’s stuff. I don’t mind it entirely, there are certain parts that are okay, but it’s the books that truly have my heart. I’ve read them all - The Hobbit, tLotR, The Silmarillion, the Unfinished Tales, the Children of Húrin, the HoME, and I love discussing the characters and the deeper philosophical issues involved.

So please! Follow me! I’ll follow back. :)

Is it acceptable to gush over both? If so, I am your girl.

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Filed under lotr IT'S OKAY TO LIKE BOTH i feel like having this argument in the holmes fandom has prepared me for reentering tolkien fandom certain parts that are okay dude those films are masterpieces still sore about glorfindel though

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    Sure! I mean, I don’t HATE the movies. I just think they should come in second to the books. And there are some things...
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    Is it acceptable to gush over both? If so, I am your girl.
  3. afeministperspective said: You, my dear, are amazing. Tolkien is so much more than the movies, though they do have their place in the legendarium. Somewhere at the back, in a corner.